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Tiny Forest educational concept

Tiny Forests are small forest ecosystems that are used in urban areas as a climate adaptation measure, to preserve biodiversity and, above all, as green classrooms for schools and daycare centres. We are developing an educational concept that allows children to explore the Tiny Forest they have planted independently throughout the year. Through the project, we want to reconnect young people with nature. Out of the classroom - back to the roots!

The associations MIYA e.V., BiNE e.V. and HNE Eberswalde are jointly developing an educational concept that allows school classes to explore and experience the Tiny Forests they have planted. This strengthens the children's sense of self-efficacy and teaches them to take responsibility for their environment in a playful way. The teaching package includes:

1.) the conceptualisation of a training course for teachers,

2.) an educational programme for 3rd and 4th graders that includes games and exercises in the Tiny Forest,

3.) task cards for monitoring in small groups including a Tiny Forest logbook and

4.) 30 material boxes with identification books for insects and birds, microscopes etc.

All of this will then be made available free of charge to the school classes that have planted a Tiny Forest!

Tiny Forests are becoming increasingly popular as a socio-ecological measure in urban areas. That's good, because they can be a holistic tool for tackling the challenges of our time. However, their true value lies above all in the fact that young people take care of them and actively use them as a space for learning and experience. There are already 9 school classes that have planted a Tiny Forest with us in the last two years and there are many more to come. So the need is great!

The project is already being funded by the Postcode Lottery. In addition, many people are investing a lot of voluntary time in its realisation. There will soon be a crowdfunding campaign to raise the last remaining funds.

We are already looking forward to sharing this gift with the children and teachers this summer :)

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