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Tiny Forests

Together with your institution or municipality, we would like to support you in establishing Tiny Forests and turning them into a nature learning centre. We offer you individual programmes for this purpose!

Area size:         100-1.000 m²


Price:                 10.000- 50.000 Euro                        

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Biodiversity park

Tiny forest islands, flowering meadows, deadwood elements, meeting places and nature trails form a structurally rich, climate-resilient habitat for the city.

Area size:           1.000- 10.000 m²

Price:                   from 50.000 Euro


Our team of experts in landscape ecology and ecosystem management develops concepts for the restoration of degraded landscapes with a focus on forest ecosystems. Whether forest conversion or reforestation, we develop plans for resilient and sustainable forests.

Area size:           from 10.000 m²


Price:                  on request


Contact us, if you want to get involved!


Vielen Dank! Wir melden uns bei euch!
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