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A green classroom


Educational activities in a Tiny Forest

Children benefit significantly from the many opportunities that playgrounds and learning spaces close to nature offer them. Early childhood experiences in nature help young people to realise their full potential. It is a human birthright to be allowed to develop a sense of the magic of nature in order to further improve cognitive and motor skills in a playful way. The natural joy of the personal learning and creative process takes centre stage.

Tiny Forests are natural learning spaces in which children can be taught important values so that they can later preserve the diversity and magic of our environment as conservationists.

How we support you

Our team of forest and environmental educators will accompany you during and after the planting of your Tiny Forest. We will visit you to impart basic knowledge in small workshops, coordinate the planting campaign & develop care concepts. In the following years, we will be happy to visit you regularly to measure plant growth together, identify tree species and familiarise you with the insect world.


How does it work?

You need:

  • a suitable area of at least 100 m² on or near the school grounds. We will be happy to help you find one.

  • a group of at least 20 and a maximum of 60 pupils

  • committed teachers to support us with the implementation, organisation of the planting campaign and maintenance of the Tiny Forest

  • Look around for funding opportunities for your Tiny Forest project. If it is not fully affordable for you, we will also help you to acquire additional funds.


Contact us and we'll find a way to create a little forest with you!

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