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Our range of services


1. conceptualisation/consulting

Our team of experts in landscape ecology and ecosystem management develops concepts for the restoration of degraded landscapes with a focus on forest ecosystems. Whether forest conversion or reforestation, we develop plans for resilient and sustainable forests.


2. material procurement

If required, we coordinate the supply of all necessary materials such as substrates, plants, fencing and mulch.


3. coordination of soil cultivation

In close cooperation with a regional company, we organise and supervise the professional preparation of the soil for planting.


4. educational forest planting campaign

Our trained employees plan an educational forest planting event with school classes or other groups. Everyone is welcome to join in and lend a hand!

Project description

We plan the restoration of degraded sites, whether sealed surfaces, arable land, forest monocultures or other areas. Our team has the relevant expertise to revitalise impoverished landscapes, whereby we try to stimulate nature's ability to regulate itself with as little input as possible. We are researching the effects of our measures together with the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.


Contact us and we will plan the restoration of your land together with you!

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