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Planet Hero Award 2023

We are delighted to have won the Planet Hero Award in the "Biodiversity" category and would like to thank Zurich Insurance and the jury for this award and the prize money of 60,000 euros! We can use the money to plant even more Tiny Forests, organise educational activities with children and implement our citizen science monitoring ideas.

We can hardly believe it, yet again our work has been recognised with such a great prize! On 20 October 2013, Tabea and Ulli were in Cologne for the award ceremony. In the middle of the intensive planting preparation phase, this was actually an unfavourable time for us. Having already won the "Bundespreis Blauer Kompass" and the "Wir für morgen" award last year, we couldn't imagine winning again. And so the two of them travelled to the gala without any great expectations. The joy was all the greater when MIYA was once again honoured with the award.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported and continue to support us on our journey. It is hard to believe what we have achieved in the two years since the organisation was founded.

The award is once again confirmation that we are on the right track and that all the hard work is worthwhile. We continue because we enjoy doing good for our planet. And because what we do has an impact.

Ulli, Tabea, Stefan & the rest of the team

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