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Tiny Forests - From sustainable education to climate-resilient cities!

Our range of services


1. Conceptual design/consultancy

From drawing up the planting list to planning the soil cultivation, we will provide you with detailed instructions customised to your location. What you have to consider when deciding for an area, you can find here.


2. Material procurement

If required, we can coordinate the delivery of all necessary materials such as substrates, plants, fencing and mulch.


3. Coordination

We liaise closely with regional stakeholders to coordinate and supervise the individual work steps.


4. Educational forest planting campaign

Our trained staff will accompany your school class from the planning stage to the planting of the Tiny Forest and exciting educational activities.


5. Educational concept

With our holistic educational concept, you can take a closer look at your Tiny Forest throughout the year!


6. Educational activities

We plan special educational activities with you, in which we microscope, grow mushrooms or build insect hotels.

Why Tiny Forests anyway?

The consequences of climate change have long since arrived in Germany and, despite the successful reduction of CO2 emissions and increasing environmental awareness among the population, the climate resilience of cities must be strengthened in order to meet the challenges of the future. In this respect, Akira Miyawaki's Tiny Forest concept offers a promising, holistic approach.

Tiny Forests can be used multifunctionally in modern urban planning. They buffer the local climate, are oases of biodiversity, filter the air of pollutants and fine dust particles and store CO2. But that's not all! They act as noise buffers, sight blockers and serve a recreational function.

In recent years, it has been shown countless times that urban greenery has a positive effect on people's physical and mental health. For example, contact with nature increases the ability to concentrate, improves cognitive abilities and reduces the risk of developing diseases such as ADHD, pneumonia, dementia or cancer.


Citizen participation

Part of the Tiny Forest idea is to actively involve the population in the planning, realisation, and maintenance of the small ecosystem. Citizens can thus play an active role in shaping their city, experience self-efficacy and the right to co-determination and get to know many new people as part of the project. Regardless of their social or ethnic background, everyone is welcome at the Tiny Forest project! This strengthens social cohesion within the population.

Citizens Science

The Tiny Forest can be used as a real-life laboratory in which the development of a forest ecosystem can be experienced at first hand. In the spirit of Citizens Science, people can use simple tools to document the growth of trees, for example, or identify insects that inhabit the mini forest.


Contact us and we'll plan a Tiny Forest together with you!

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