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Research in the Tiny Forest

On 24 and 25 May, we went to Griesheim's first Tiny Forest with pupils from the Schiller School and we all had a lot of fun!


Together with Stefan, the children scrutinised and microscoped small insects and plants 🐜🐞🍃

Together with the children, Lukas found out which trees grow in the Tiny Forest and how big they have become since last autumn 🌱🌳


And at Ulli's, the children have chosen a tree for which they are now responsible as little tree patrons. Now they regularly check to see if the tree and the mini-forest are doing well. And for their tree, they painted their very own personal protective stone with beautiful sayings such as:


"Dear tree, you save the world!" 🌳

We see it that way too. And that's why we want to do lots more Tiny Forests and educational activities like this with children!

In our educational work, we focus on meeting children eye-to-eye, listening to them and sharing our enthusiasm for nature with them.

There is room for creativity and the opportunity to explore insects and plants. We can talk and dance with trees and tell each other our best jokes in between.

In this free and relaxed atmosphere, the children blossom, their eyes light up and in the end, everyone has learnt a lot in a playful way. This makes school fun!

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