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Regenerative Tiny Food Forest

Britz research project

How do Tiny Forests, regenerative food forests and permaculture fit together?

What are the similarities and differences?

What can we learn from each other?

And how can the concepts be combined?

We would like to find out and are working on this together with Prof. Dr Carsten Mann, Dr Mónica Hernández and interested students from the Forestry System Transformation (M.Sc.) Masters programme at the University for Sustainable Development.


We have the opportunity to try out various concepts and ideas together on a trial area in Britz and are already super excited to see what will be created here in the near future!

We are definitely looking forward to the collaboration and the creation of the first "Regenerative Tiny Food Forest".

Miyawaki Food Forest Osada Project Poland

Stefan, Tore & Monica from HNE Eberswalde were guests at the Osada Project in Poland. In this regeneration project, an edible forest is to be created on an area of around 2 hectares. The aim is to use a combination of different methods to establish a productive, diverse and site-adapted forest ecosystem.

After two days of workshops, we are well on the way to taking the first practical steps towards implementation this autumn. We studied maps and soil samples of the area, identified the surrounding species, exchanged ideas and formulated clear goals.

This forest should become a role model for many more people and serve as inspiration for a new future.

So, there is a lot in the pipeline and we are proud to be part of such exciting, co-operative projects. Look forward to exciting news in the coming year!


Best regards, your MIYA team <3

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