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Olgierd Geblewicz visits Poland's first Tiny Forest in Rozwarowo

On 8 July 2022, Olgierd Geblewicz visited Poland's first Tiny Forest from our friends at the Fundacja Perspektywa foundation!!! Last year we helped to plan and plant the Tiny Forest and now Mr Geblewicz came to visit.

Mr Geblewicz is practically the head of the regional administration of West Pomerania and was really enthusiastic about the Tiny Forest concept :) He wants to make the topic better known in Poland and small mini-forest oases are to be created, especially in cities!

Stefan also had the opportunity to tell him a bit about the current Tiny Forest developments in Germany and our plans for the future.

We are really pleased that the Tiny Forests are becoming more and more popular and are excited to see where exactly the next one will be created in Poland :)


In any case, it was wonderful again in the little forest in Rozwarowo. The trees are growing well, the ground looks much better than before and the atmosphere was great as always!

Many thanks to Fundacja Perspektywa for the invitation :)

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