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Meeting with the Kogi

With the aim of developing living, regenerative and sustainable alternatives for our society and economy, Lebendige Zukunft e.V. and its partners invite you to a special journey of encounter with the Kogi. On 18 and 19 September 2022, the HNE Eberswalde will be the venue for a public exchange. Beforehand, a team of experts will join the Kogi on a tour of the forest to assess its condition. Stefan Scharfe from MIYA e.V. will also be part of the team.

The Kogi (Kággaba) are an indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. For 4000 years, despite colonialism and industrialisation, they have preserved their living knowledge to maintain the ecological, social and spiritual balance in the world. Their expertise in strengthening vitality for the benefit of all living beings is a great opportunity to inspire forward-looking ways of thinking and acting. The journey lays the foundation for an academy for the promotion of original knowledge, centred on the principles of life and their application in the modern world. In the spirit of balance and regeneration, the proceeds from the event and donations contribute to the repurchase of Kogi territories and the establishment of the academy.


Due to increasing global crises, forests are facing the challenge of meeting the rapid ecological and social change and being part of a comprehensive solution strategy. In order to find intelligent answers for regenerative forest conversion, the exchange of indigenous and scientific knowledge is essential. In this context, HNEE has the unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the Kogi on the future of forests and cordially invites you to join us.

Stefan Scharfe from MIYA e.V. is part of the "Forest Expert Team" alongside foresters and professors from HNEE & University of Greifswald and will contribute his experience and perspectives to the scientific discourse. We look forward to a productive exchange!


Participation is free of charge.


Registration until 8.9.22

per E-Mail to

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