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Maintenance in our Tiny Forest

In the first 3 years, Tiny Forests still need some care. This includes watering during prolonged dry periods and removing fast-growing herbaceous plants that overgrow the young trees at the beginning. In spring, we travelled to several project sites where we prepared the small forests for the summer together with many volunteers.

Forest of diversity (Zichow)

At the beginning of May, we really got going again with our friends from Citizens Forests and some volunteers! The entire Tiny Forest was fed with compost and mulched with straw. We also used bark mulch to make the path and the area in the centre of the forest really smart.


And once again we realised that Tiny Forests connect us humans. Working together for the great vision of a healthy world in harmony with nature gives us confidence and joy. So many wonderful experiences, encounters and a productive exchange will make this weekend one to remember for a long time to come!

Rozwarowo (Poland's first Tiny Forest)

At the beginning of June, our Tiny Forest in Poland was cleared of weeds and prepared for the summer. We had a lot of fun in the best weather, discovered the first earthworms and mushrooms and finally spent some time with our friends from Fundacja Perspektywa.

Now the trees will definitely continue to grow well. We are excited to see how the forest will develop over the course of the year! 🥰

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