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Forest conversion with the Miyawaki method

There is currently much discussion about how we can better adapt our native forests to climate change and increasing drought. In particular, monocultures with little structure will find it increasingly difficult to withstand the conditions in the future. Forestry is therefore endeavouring to convert these stands into climate-resilient mixed forests. The main focus here is on natural regeneration and conventional planting methods.

On 23 and 24 May, we helped Freiwald e.V. to rejuvenate a classic pine monoculture using the Miyawaki method. Many different trees and shrubs were planted under the thinned-out canopy of the pines. Terra Preta was added to the planting holes to provide the plants with a good supply of water and nutrients. Finally, the area was mulched with straw so that the soil retains moisture better and fungi and microorganisms can colonise more quickly under the mulch layer. Now we hope that the young seedlings will establish well.

And that was just the beginning! In future, we want to research the potential of the Miyawaki method in forest reorganisation together in various trials! The cultivation of various mycorrhizal fungi and specific microorganisms should also help to create a healthy and stable ecosystem.

Perhaps in this way we can restore forests threatened by climate change to a stable state more quickly :)

Many thanks to everyone involved for this wonderful weekend ❤️

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