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The guardians of the Tiny Forest
An educational concept for grades 3-6

We are delighted that you have become part of a movement that is still in its infancy in Germany and that you are making a contribution with "your" Tiny Forest. A contribution to more biodiversity, to climate resilience, to more community and solidarity. And, of course, to bringing children in urban environments closer to nature!


The Tiny Forest in your immediate neighbourhood offers great opportunities to integrate environmental education into lessons or group sessions.  The special thing is that the children grow together with the forest. They see the changes on a daily basis, they deal with processes in nature and can thus realise that they are part of nature again, even in inner-city areas with little greenery.

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The teaching package consists of:


• The materials box with (almost) everything you need for exploring the Tiny Forest with the task cards.

20 task cards for independent work in and on the Tiny Forest

7 themed booklets that link the themes conveyed on the cards


11 additional environmental education teaching units for free  download

For more information on the concept, take a look at our info flyer or contact us by email at

The development of the concept was funded by the Postcode Lottery and we can provide the first 15 boxes of materials free of charge. So come on, plant a Tiny Forest with us at your school and start researching right away!

Developed through a co-operation of:

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