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Biodiversity park

Our range of services

1. conceptualisation/consulting

Our team of ecosystem experts and designers plans structurally rich, ecologically valuable parks with a recreational and educational function. The focus is on the topics of biodiversity, climate adaptation and sponge city.


2. material procurement

If required, we coordinate the delivery of all necessary materials such as substrates, plants, fencing and mulch material.


3. coordination of soil cultivation

In close cooperation with a regional company, we organise and supervise the professional preparation of the soil for the planting of woody plants, the creation of flowering meadows or other biotopes.


4. educational forest planting programme

Our trained staff plan an educational forest planting campaign with school classes or other groups. Everyone is welcome to join in and lend a hand!


5. educational concept

With our holistic educational concept, you can take a close look at your park throughout the year! This is exciting for people of all ages.

6. educational activities

We plan special educational activities with you in which we microscope, grow mushrooms or build insect hotels.


Contact us and we will plan a biodiversity park together with you!

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