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Tiny Forests for Berlin

In case you didn't know: We want to cover the whole of Berlin with Tiny Forests and other ecosystems, that's for sure! 🌳To achieve this, we are cooperating with key players from politics and civil society. Because Tiny Forests offer the brilliant opportunity to come together as people and pursue higher goals together, namely the restoration of our earth and reconnection with nature. No matter who you are, you are welcome to join our projects! ❤️

The pilot project in Berlin took place in Pankow, together with Karuna eG. Over 100 people took part in planting a Tiny Food Forest in the "Fürsorge im Alter" retirement home. Even State Secretary Britta Behrendt came along to watch the event. In future, the little forest will provide shade for the residents, invite them to linger and also provide them with delicious berries and fruit!

Many thanks for the great photos Laura Droße

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