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Slippery slopes in Schwäbisch Hall

The first two Tiny Forsts have been planted on the Haldenacker in Schwäbisch Hall together with Breiteich Primary School and Friedensberg Special Needs School. It rained a lot in Baden Württemberg in October and November - so much so that the area could not be worked on with machines to prepare the soil for planting. The loamy soil was saturated with water and some of the water still formed puddles on the former agricultural land. One day before planting, however, the excavator was able to work in the Terra Preta.

On the morning of the planting with the Breiteich primary school, the top layer of soil was slightly frozen, which meant that we could still move around the field easily at first. When it started to thaw after two hours, it became increasingly slippery. The ground was so heavy that the students had great difficulty digging holes for the trees and got their wellies stuck in the mud with almost every step. Nevertheless, they planted with a lot of passion!

In the afternoon, together with Christian Stephan and Johanna Dörr, we put the last trees in the ground and mulched them with woodchips to protect them from drying out.

At the moment, it is hard to imagine that the plants will suffer from the drought in the summer months. However, many of the standard trees that have been planted on the Haldenacker in recent years have died in the hot and dry summers. In his search for sustainable, ecological reforestation options, Christian Stephan became aware of Miya e.V.

In fact, this project was just the beginning of a biodiversity park that is being created in the city. In spring, a Tiny Forest with climate-adapted tree species will be created with the upper school of the Kaufmännische Schule Schwäbisch Hall. This Tiny Forest will be accompanied by school classes in the long term and the growth of the individual tree species will be recorded in a monitoring programme.

In addition, further Miyawaki forests, species-rich hedges, a wetland biotope, swals in Keyline design and a recreation area that can be used for numerous educational activities will be created.

We are already looking forward to the further development of this exciting area!

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