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Tiny Forest Rüsselsheim

On 06.11.2023, together with around 25 children, parents, educators from the Paul-Ehrlich-Straße daycare centre, employees of gewobau Rüsselsheim and other volunteers, we opened the first approx. 280 square metre Tiny Forest in Rüsselsheim.

Where there was previously just a meadow with a few individual trees, there is now a mini forest oasis with approx. 760 native trees and shrubs!  A short path leads to a small recreation area where you can relax, and learn something about nature.

Despite the rain everyone had fun and at the end of the day the children received their Tiny Forest certificates and a small wooden leaf pendant as a  thank you :)

A very big thank you to everyone who contributed and helped that nature now has space to unfold here again


Planting event

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